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M. M. 様 / 賃貸:2016年2月


Thank you for your support helping me lease an apartment in the Bellevue area. Thanks for the prompt email responses and resourceful information, I could quickly grasp the rental market around Bellevue to make a speedy decision. It’s great to be able to move in within two weeks of arriving to Seattle, just as I planned. Thank you very much!

D. F. 様 / 賃貸:2016年1月


Through my friend’s referral, I asked Mariko to help me find an apartment. Since they let me exchange my wish list and their initial property pick list before moving to the US, it was a breeze to find an apartment with them. Once I arrived in the US, the staff came with me to look at the properties, which was a great relief as my English is limited. Thank you so much for your great service!

Kerotee 様 / 2016 年 1月


I had rented out my house since I was transferred to another state, and my tenant unexpectedly decided to move. Near the end of last year, I asked Mariko to sell my house. It was greatly reassuring to hear her say, “Don’t worry, we have a strong market right now!”
Once started, we faced some worries like the tenant’s 3-week relocation delay, and additional expenses from unexpected repairs. However, Mariko’s team quickly resolved every issue, and we are finally able to list the house in December. Yet, it was December in Seattle… I was worried about the rainy weather and starting the new year with an unsold house. I was happily mistaken. I got a wonderful offer on the very first day of the open house!
After the new year, we successfully completed closing after some repairs and a couple of surprises like an uninvited visit by rodents.
It must have been difficult for Mariko and her team to work with me, while I was out of state. I truly appreciate their readiness to help me. I will definitely ask for their help again when I return to Seattle!

長嶋 修 様 / ご購入:2015年12月



After about a year of research, I decided that Seattle was the best place to invest.
I left everything to Mariko and was able to make a great purchase that went flawlessly.
Nothing can replace the peace-of-mind that comes from being in the hands of professional.

I am a real estate consultant in Japan, and rarely meet a professional as capable as Mariko. Likewise, her staff is also outstanding, demonstrating a great example of teamwork.

M & N 様 / ご購入:2015年12月

It was our first time purchasing a home and Mariko with her extensive experience and knowledge was able to educate and guide us very professionally and with class. She had a firm grasp of the market as well as geographical landscape and was politely honest when some of the properties were not up to our standards. She was very attentive and responsive, always available via email or phone. Once we found a property that fit our criteria and that we liked, she was able to arrange for inspection and any necessary repairs swiftly, making the whole process tidy, and also acted on our behalf as the communicator/negotiator with the selling party. We don’t think it’s ever totally smooth sailing in these transactions, but her sincere guidance made our experience fairly stress-free and we were very happy that we found something we were looking for.





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